Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Life: Winter Wonderland

Hubby is off to library, leaving me and zara in this tiny little house.
Tomorrow will be his last paper and will be done with this semester.
Another 1.5 years to go.

Winter break just around the corner.
During those days,we couldnt wait till finals were over.
There were always plans that waiting ahead.
We would rush home to pack our stuff and ready to be on board to warmer places.

But this year, will be different.
Travelling is not our priority at the moment.
Plus, we have been to most of the places in the states.

We are going to spend our lovely winter break in this tiny little house and spend time as much as possible with little Zara who's going to turn 1 soon!!

People, remember. It's 26th!!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Food: Menu for Final Exam Week

Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api with rebung + cabbage + rice (USD4)

Chicken Curry + Bak Choy + rice (USD5)

Nasi Ayam (USD4)

Nasi Tomato + Ayam goreng msak merah + salad (USD5)

No business

Upon request

Upon request

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Life: My Sister

I'm homesick.
I've been calling home every single day since early of this week.
I can't hide my feeling, it's eating me up inside.
Today her BIG day.
I'm sad coz i can't be there, to be her big sister.
I cant be there to praise her glowing face and her pretty dress.
I cant be there to henna her. (She told me no one helping her out to henna her hands)
I cant be there to see her in gowns and costumes during her berinai.
I cant be there to tease her pluffy eyes. (She said she could not get enough sleep last nite)
I cant be there to calm her when she is waiting for the akad. (She can be very clumsy when she's nervous)
I cant be there to hug her when she is pronounced his wife.
I cant be there to see her happy face when everything runs smoothly.
I cant be there to be in her eternal wedding photo.
I cant be there to let her hug me when everything is over.


I'm sorry coz I could not be there.
I pray for your long and happy marriage.


Your sister.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Food: Friday's Menu Change

Hi All,

I've done slight change on tomorrow's menu.

There will be ayam goreng kicap and kacang masak lemak. As usual, price is USD4.

Zara's mommy

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Food: Dead Week Menu

Plain Rice + Chicken Rendang + Fried Green Beans (USD5)

Nasi Ayam (USD4)

Plain Rice + Szechuan Chicken + Cabbage (USD4)

Plain Rice + Ayam Masak Merah + Tauge Masak Lemak (USD4)

Nasi Tomato + Ayam Masak Madu + Salad (USD4)

Plain rice + Ayam Percik and veggie (USD4)

Plain rice + Ayam masak lemak and rebung + veggie (USD 4)

Menu will be revised if there is any shortage of ingredients.
Feel free to call me or msg me on FB for any orders.

And upon request, we do sell lauk without rice for USD3.50/3.00

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Food: Announcement

Hi my loyal customer,

Food business is off tomorrow. I'm taking Zara to Health Care Center in the morning. If anyone insist to buy, I still can cook after the appointment. But, I dont promise the delivery time, it could be around 2ish. If we finish earlier, I can start cooking early. I will definitely give you a call for any updates.

By the way, I have decided to have everydays menu for dead week and final week. I understand that pressure and hunger are your best friends during these 2 weeks. And you need to stuff yourself with lots and lots of food!! Oh, plus the weather, it doesnt feel good to starve yourself from having something to eat. In any case, if you feel really hungry, you know where you can order your food from..just check the menu ok!! I'm trying to figure out the menu by this weekend.....

Monday, 30 November 2009

Food: Sale on Tuesday

Menu: Rice + Cabbage + Szechuan Chicken
USD (4)

Please order before 10 am. Delivery provided at 130pm and 530pm

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Food: Sale on Thursday

Nasi Lemak + Sambal + Chicken


Please order before 10 am tomorrow (Nov19)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Food: Sale on Tuesday

Honey Soy Broiled Salmon + Sayur Masak Lemak Cili Api + Rice

USD5 per pax. (because of Salmon)

Please order before 10 am tomorrow (Nov 17).
In future, I will try to spice up the menu a little bit. Maybe western food like macharoni or etc.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What is the price to be a MOM?

Simple, it's priceless.
I'm not going to talk about myself as a mom in this entry.
I'm gonna share with you my thoughts and experience as a daughter.

This gonna be a LONG (note: hubby is at the library and zara is off to her lalaland)entry and for those who think it is not worth to read, click on the x button on top of the window.

This entry is dedicated to my MOM.
November is her month, so i've decided to write something about her.

Life was pretty hard back then. Memang susah.
We used to live in a kampung where electricity and water had not reach us.
That time, mom was a housewife. She couldnt find a single job. Small town.
So, everything we ate was farmed and planted by mom. (Very organic)
If you guys watch upin and ipin, that's exactly how my life looked like back then. But worst.

Then, when she carried my youngest sister, we move to my mom hometown.
Life was better.
Mom could find a job since we were going to have additional member.
Dad's earning would not be enough to support us.
So my mom took a job as operator. Double shift.
Yup, it was tough for her to live us all alone at home.
Dad was working 1 hour away. He came back late at night.
So, my atuk and nenek took care of us (Mind u, they also took care another 2 of my cousins and they have warung kopi to take care of too)
Basically our lunch and dinner were prepared by mom before she off to work.

Once the youngest one born, dad adviced mom to stay home.
But, his salary would not be enough for our living.

Mom decided to start selling nasi lemak and kuih-muih to help out.

At first she just sent to kedai2 kopi. But after awhile, she bought herself a bicycle and modified it to suit her small business. She put a big aluminium container at the back.

I know, this was the toughest moment in her life.


Just imagine, despite doing other mom's job, she had to wake up early in the morning (4am) to cook. You know what time she went to bed? 10pm
At that time too she had a small baby. So, basically she didnt have exactly 6 hours of sleep.
I cant imagine myself in her shoes. Even now, I always complain that I do not have enough sleep.

Normally, she prepare at least 5 kinds of kuih-muih, more than 80 packs of nasi lemak and around 50 packs of mee.
Worst thing was she had to sell it by herself. What i mean here is she had to carry this heavy load on the bicycle.

The route was challenging. (I did try to follow her during school holiday, i tell you, it was damn tiring. Note: There was nothing on my bicycle).
There was one taman, where mom had to push the bicycle up the hill because the road was very steep.
On top of that, she did not use any bell or sound to annouce her arrival.
She used her own voice to sell those kuih.
Ok, dah la penat kayuh basikal. Pastu kene jerit plak....satu taman boleh dengar she's there..oh tgh terik panas matahari lagi...and imagine during puasa, she still did that)

I salute her energy and determination to raise us.
She went through this hard life without complain and regret.
I know she wants the best for us.
Even she was ill, she still did the business to ensure that we have enough food at home and school allowance. She always put ourselve first before her.
She never fail to ensure that we have new clothes for raya even she had none.

Till now, I do not how to repay her. She sacrifice alot of her life.
Her time, her looks.. yeah she was pretty when she was young. But the sun eats her skin.
Even all the hard work, she is the happiest mom of matter what challenges in front of her, she keeps smiling (awek muda).

Our life mcm drama dulu2...

Yesterday, I called her.
I told her that I'm just like her.
Run a small business to support our life here.
And you know what she said back, " do you want mak to send u some money".
I almost cried when she offers to help.
See, walau susah mane pon, she still wants to help!!!!

Mom, i know u wont read this blog.
But, at the bottom of my heart u are my star, my idol and my love!
What i have now is because of you, your words is powerful that change my life.
It's still fresh in my memory.
You never ask me to study hard, not even angry when i get a D.
But those words just fire, which spark my motivation to be a better person, to get good grades and finish school.

I love u and miss u mak!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sale: Tudung

Hi All,
I have a few inventory of nice printed and plane tudung ekin.
I'm selling it for USD12.
I in love with these pieces because it is easy to wear and you dont have to iron them. Guarantee you will not be late to school.
If you are interested on buying, email me at
I'm trying to get Zara to be my model but she is too pricey!!! She wants to be on her clothing line only! What to do, the poor mom has to be what she has to be (cakap berbelit2)

Happy browsing.


Coming soon....brooch on sale!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Project: Muffin 101

Morning sunshine,

Some of you may see the extreme change in this blog.
From short entry in the early days to 'real' blogging.
Blame the exam (i takleh blame hubby, coz he is always right kan kan :) )
When i'm alone and zara is asleep, whoelse should i talk to other than this white screen kan?
I think i'm going crazy la..cakap ngan screen pulak!

Baking 101.
Last nite was our (me and farahee) first attempt baking.
We plan to make cupcakes..but in the end it turn out to be vanilla rice muffin.
Not bad la kan..for first consider achievement actually!
Previously, we planned to bake semperit..end up jadi biskut ape tah...
Next baking time, we wont tell the name of the cake sbb takut jadi bende lain in the end.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Project: Crochet Baby Hat

Finally, my first crochet project completed. Zara is wearing it now!
Oh, Zara is having stye (ketumbit) on her upper lower lid.
Pity her.
Went to the doctor the other, yet he only prescribed home remedial (tuam ngan air panas).
Zara seems doesnt like the hot towel.
Arghh she has to live a few days more with that 2 red bumps on her eyes.
Lets shout 'stye, stye go away..come again another day!'.
Back to the project.
What's next?
Should I try the sweater?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Project: Crochet (Baby hat)

Currently, I'm working on my baby hat crochet.
I learn to crochet since I was primary school.
Yeah, my mom always has the needle with her at home (basically when she has nothing to do, she just crochet..from the table top to sofa crochet).
Even my wedding 'bunga telur', she crocheted the can even see her fingers look a little bit bended due to excessive and overusing her fingers.

So, this pattern that i'm doing, i learn it thru youtube (if years back ade youtube, definitely i crochet banyak2 winter hat. takyah nak beli mahal2).
I dont need to buy the book (very the mahal, higher than my nasi lemak) to learn the pattern. Awesomekan, when you can easily type the pattern and in a blink dah ade depan mate.....

After my baby hat complete, I wanna check the sewing machine in the basement. Maybe I can sew bags and sell it here..

I need to keep on telling myself that I AM ENTREPRENEUR!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Food: Thursday (Pajri Nenas and Ayam Kicap Madu)

My loyal customers (u know who u are :) ),

Tomorrow, madam chef would love to try pajri nenas (i have the recipe from betty saw) and ayam kicap madu ( i love this recipe, got it from my aunt).

Normally ayam kicap madu taste better with baby drumstick and wing..but, i only have 'mother' drumstick in my stock! Hopefully it turns out well...

Please leave ur order in my fb or vis sms.

On the other note, yesterday was awesome. I repeat, AWESOME! u may wonder why.
It simply because I have my OWN debit card. U know what I mean. All these while I was a cash slave. Dont get me wrong. Bringing cash is not that bad at all, u know what left in ur purse instantly (wait .. not in a sec la, i still have to bring it out and calculate it one by one and sum it up). But paying cash over USD400 purchase at the store will make the cashier suspicious of me, thinking that it might be from black money. And thanksgiving is coming. which means shopping spree...sadly not for me la..orders from back home! Now, i can simply swipe my card without asking hubby to sign the receipt :)

Second best thing, we can extend our lease contract for the next 6 months..awesome (how many awesome la i gune ni)...cheaper rent, big house, and big yard..boleh main tanam2... takyah nak main farmville (dont be surprise, i never play this game and i dont even know what is all about)..

Before i end, again, my lovely customers, order before 10am.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Food: Tuesday (Nasi Ayam)

I dont have any idea what to cook.

Not to waste my time as well as yours, lets just make nasi ayam for tomorrow (3rd Nov). Thinking what to cook is harder than cooking itself.

If you guys have any ideas or any recipe that you love me to try on, let me know.

Oooo i may try to cook pajeri nenas (bought it from Walmart) this coming Thursday. Stay tune for next entry yalllss..

Some random thoughts.

Hubby is having 3 exams till the end of next week. I'm getting bored being a lazy bum, should i say a lazy mom! I should push my *** out of the house. Do volunteer work or go to any social gathering.

Oh, please, it me or is it u that make my life so dull!!?

Oh, wait, I shouldnt complain. I should occupy myself with Zara.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nasi Lemak fro Thursday. Anyone?

It's been ages since the last nasi lemak sale.
My cooking skill has deteriorated since fall arrive. Blame the weather. Yeah, I prefer to be under the blanket rather than making noise in the kitchen. I bet u all love too.

Oh well,
Tomorrow will be the day. The menu is as follows:

Nasi Lemak + Sambal ikan bilis + Cucumber + Rendang kacang, asparagus plus chicken.

I never cook rendang asparagus before. But, worth to try. I know kacang (peas) goes well with chicken liver. Sadly, we dont have it here.

There will be a fix delivery time from now onwards. There will be 2 session; one around 1-130pm and another one in the evening around 530pm.

Sorry, i have to change it due to the gas prices. It increases tremendously. I can't bare to drive a few times to campus. I know the sighing (is this a word? whutever) but i keep the food price as USD4 per pax :)!

If you love to try my rendang asparagus, msg or fb ur order. Oh, oh...if you like my food, spread the words around too!

Mommy Zara

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

October 22nd, 2009

Chicken Rice + 5 Spices Chicken + Veggie (USD 4)

Taking orders now till 11 am (Thursday)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ayam Percik

Monday, Oct 19th, 2009

Menu: Nasi + Ayam Percik + Veggie

please order before 11am.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

October 7th, Wednesday

5 chinese spices chicken + nasi ayam + salad


Monday, 5 October 2009

6th October 2009, Tuesday Menu


Ayam Schizuan Chicken + Rice + Cabbage
USD 4.00

Please order before 11 am as usual!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Tuesday, 29th September


Nasi Ayam + Roasted Chicken + Salad + Soup


Please order before 11am.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Friday ,September 25th


Ayam Percik + Plain Rice + Potato Garlic

(USD 4.00)

Please order before 11 am. Serve for LUNCH only.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

September 24th, Nasi Tomato

Hi All,

Tomorrow's menu will be :

Nasi Tomato + Ayam Masak Merah + Salad.

Please call at 765-464 9191 or email at

Thursday, 27 August 2009










p/s: Please leave ur message to order