Sunday, 31 January 2010

Food: Menu for Monday

Chicken Mushroom + Rice + Veggie (USD4)

Please text/fb/call for ordering.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Life: Boring Saturday

(the photo was taken when zara was a few days old)

I do not know how many more Saturdays to come.
But, I do know that today is the boring one.
I can't go out. It's too cold.

I called home this morning.
All my girls except my eldest sis were there. Heard all the laugh (miss them).
Having 5 sisters just cant get enough silence in the house! We just love to talk and talk till wee hours.
The big news of Nora's pregnancy was the main topic of conversation (mind you, she just got married in December).
We were laughing about how the little one eager to engange in her tummy while her mom's henna still brightly red.ahahhaa
Miss you guys a lot!!!

Well, Zara is in her lalaland.
Hubby off to campus.
I'm still thinking of today'e menu...
Hmm, a simple one..
Nasi Goreng? Speghetti?
I opt for the first one. Easy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Life : ATM card

A story that worth to share.

Last 2 nite, I was at walmart. Buat groceries.
After I did the payment at the counter, I just remember that I need to withdraw money from may Maybank account and later transfer it to PEFCU account.
Normally, I prefer to use the National Bank ATM machine due to lower transaction charge (actually it is 50 cents different pon dari PEFCU). But knowing me, yg memang kalo boleh takmo loose even a cent pon. The 50 cents does matter to me.
So, this ATM Machine is different from PEFCU.
Kalo PEFCU, the first step, the machine will ask to insert the card and quickly remove it from the slot. Then continue with the pin number and so forth..
But, this particular machine will hold your card until the end of the steps, which is after received the money and receipt..then the card will eject out from the slot.
Ape yg terjadi was I forgot to claim the card after I got the receipt. I think it happens all the time to others la seronok dah dapat duit..mane nak ingat the card.
And plus, before tu, hubby call suruh balik cepat.
Knowing me yg memang slalu kelam kabut and gelabah.. I trus bawak walmart cart tu laju2 and drive balik rumah.
So the next day, I was trying to withdraw all the money left in my maybank account dekat PEFCU and trus ingat nak deposit the money to PEFCU account.
I was trying to search for my maybank card and guess what..
I just realized I didnt have it with me..menggelabah di buat nya.. mane tak nyer..
After 12 hours mind was blank...
Cuak gile ok!!
I trus gi walmart check with the bank ..mane la tahu the machine eject in the card after a long perid..unlucky, the card wasnt there..
Lagi I menggelabah. I was with Zara at the time.. dlm hati, mati la aku...
Then, the guy suggested me to refer to walmart customer service...
Pegi la that nice lady asked my name so she can check the cards that they keep in the office. Wasnt there.. bertambah menggelabah..
Then, I showed her my hubby's maybank card. She went back to the office and brought all the cards with her.
Patutlah she could not find my card. There was no name on it...
Nasib jumpe card tu...
After all, it was a BIG relief for me.

Moral of the story..jangan menggelabah mase kluar duit walaupon duit anda takde la sebanyak mane pon.

Food: Menu for Thursday

Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng Rempah + Sambal + Salad

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food: Menu for Wednesday

Rendang Ayam + Veggie + Rice (USD 4)

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Food: Menu for Tuesday

Ayam masak lemak cili api with rebung + rice + veggie (USD4)

Email or fb for ordering.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Food: Menu for Monday

Mushroom Chicken + Veggie + Rice

Please email/sms/fb for ordering

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Life: Updates

It's has been ages since my last entry about life.
Hubby has started his 2nd semester, which means no more mommy-zara-hubby 24 hours time.
Business has resumed as usual, quite a slow start i would say.
But, i'm optimist that by the end of the semester, zara piggy's bank should be half full.

Speaking of her piggy's bank, i have made a promise. For every food pack that i can sell, i will donate USD1 to her piggy's bank. This is actually mommy and daddy promise, nak bawak zara pegi Disney in Florida for winter break. I know lame lagi...but definitely consume alot of money...and since we have never been far away fron west lafayette, paling jauh pon chicago..this is something that we look forward to.
Flight tickets, Car rental, theme park ticket, food, hotels...not for one person. We are talking about 3 people kene la berjimat cermat...demi trip to disney!

Oh, Zara has turned 1 in December.
We had a big party for her birthday. Full house. Ramai gile org datang..she is a celebrity kat purdue ni...she received a lots of presents.. and now, die tak tahu nak choose which toys to play with...lucky zara kan! kakak2 and abg2 purdue sgt awesome!! even yesterday, she received another belated birthday present all the way from Disney! my girl telah di spoil kan oleh mereka! But, anyway, thank you for coming and for the gifts too...

Zara now dah boleh say 'nak' for something that she wants. And she can geleng for something that she doesnt want. So, it makes much easier for us to understand what she wants/dislikes.
She loves to dance too. Kalo bukak baby einstein tu, sure menari pusing2 nyer. She loves to see cat, dog and tiger. She will immitate the sound 'miaaaaaaaaaaau' and 'wolf-wolf' and 'auuummmm'.. cute tau... we plan to bring her to Indiana Zoo when it's get warmer here. Most probably in May la kan...terkurung je la zara for the next 2 months ni.

This is my updates for now.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Menu for Friday

Menu :
Nasi Ayam (USD4)

Email or sms for ordering.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Food: Menu for Wednesday

Rice+ Ayam Kurma (homemade spices)+Veggie.

Hi all,
Please let me know if u would like to order by email/text.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Food: Wednesday's Menu

Nasi Minyak + Ayam kurma (homemade spices all the way from Malaysia) + Salad + Cucumber

Please call/txt/fb to order.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Food: Nasi Lemak

Monday Menu:

Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng Rempah + Sambal

(USD 5)

Please call/sms/text/fb to order.

Delivery at 130pm