Thursday, 4 November 2010

Elmo and Barney

Zara has learned a lot of new words.
She even can say..
" Hi, how are you doing?" and she replies " Good " with her pointing finger up..She is learning to get her thumb up, but I guess it just the matter of time.
I did not teach her this. She learns it from Elmo world.
She pretty fast picking up sentence from movies nowadays.
We do not have TV cable in our house. The only channel of entertainment is through DVD.
I've been going religiously to the library to rent DVDs everyweek so that we wont get bored at home. Renting is free and I like the fact that we can rent for a week.
Zara watches a lot of Elmo and Barneys series since we move here.

Speaking of which, I met an Indian mom today at the library during our story time.
She has 2 lovely daughters who are 4 and 5 years old.
I heard the girls talking to her mom with the American accent.
I was impressed and asked the mom which school that she's sending them.
To my surprise, they learn it from watching TV..

This is one good thing that I find out about letting your children watch TV.
But there is always cons too.