Monday, 18 July 2011

My Monday


Alhamdulillah, I've managed to ganti puasa and now ready for Ramadhan to be here.
It wasn't that bad for fasting in the summer . The sahur ends at 430am and berbuka starts at 830pm. Santa Rosa isn't as hot as Indiana, the breeze is cold. One thing i love about living here is it offers mild weather. Not like those 4 season state, kalo sejuk, sejuk sgt! kalo panas, memang takleh nak kluar rumah. Kalo kol 5pm the temperature drops drastically to 60+F...and roses are everywhere here coz of the welcoming weather.

And today house chores resume per usual Monday. Housewife pon Monday's blues too!
Weekend jalan and hubby is around, so kemalasan memang tahap 90%..memang rumah kalo weekend tunggang langgang..
But when Monday arrives, everything has to be done, from vacuum the house to iron all the baju...and now done!

I'm still on the process of potty train Zara. Yes, it's pretty late.
Zara is diaperless today and takut sgt sbb rumah ni carpeted the whole area.
Memang every 30 minutes duk tanyer Zara if she wants to potty.
I need to make sure that she's potty train before I enroll her to preschool.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Safe and sound in Santa Rosa

The couple of weeks were very hectic.
Adjusting to the new home, new environment, new schedule (full time housewife, jgn jeles), new weather.
I do miss Purdue, sometimes. But to go back, knowing the people that I used to hang around, to play basketball with, to share my tears and lough, is not there anymore.It will be no point to be there.
Now, it's time to spread the wings. Build my own nest. I've been waiting for this time to come.
Be able to plan for the future, without the black-hole that stop us.

Zara has grown up pretty fast. She has able to request in a proper sentence. She too shows her tantrums sometimes. But, overall, Zara such a good girl. Not fussy with the moving. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her, for not be able to stay in a place for a long time. I bet she used to it. She is born as a traveller. I was 8 months pregnant when we moved to KL and when she was 7 months old, we moved to Purdue. So, she start early in adjusting herself huh?

Yes, I found a good school for her. Probably we will enrol her in preschool this September to keep her busy and surrounded by other kids. She was excited when we had the tour at the center the other day.

I'll wrote more later...about my life in Santa Rosa