Friday, 30 July 2010


Before I lost track of how much has Zara improved these couple of weeks, I should write it here so that I can remember it later...

Her vocab has increased.
She says milk everytime she wants to drink the bottle milk.
She says bum bum and sleep when she wants us to sleep.
She says shoes everytime I say jom. Oh, she will grab her shoes and ask me/hubby to put them on her.
If she likes to eat something, for example wild berry near our parking lot, she will say nyum nyum..sgt comel ini budak kecik..
Most of the time when she wakes up from her nap or sleep, she will show her boo boo to us, boo boo means bruises...yeah she has alot..sbb asyik pakai skirt and jatuh.
Alhamdulillah, she jarang nangis if bangun..she's very talkative bile bangun tido.. kadang2 tu trus amik 'book' and show it to us...she knows how to say book.
She can say 'air' if she wants water.
Other words so far eat, sit, nose, hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, ear, cheek.
Oh today, she was asking us to wash her hands by saying sha...I dont know how she get the sha words from...
She loves to piggyback..and she will say baiekk..comel nyer anak dara Zara ni...

Nowadays, die suke kiss and salam. If dengar lagu barney i love you, sure duk kiss and hug mummy die..

Ok, itu je laporan hari ni..i think there are more, but I cant remember them.


Sorry for being away for these couple of days.
I wasn't in the mood of writing.
I owe you guys the birthday celebration of puan shida story here.

We had a small tea party back on my yard. (can't afford to make a grand celebration, budget constraint).
Basically, I didnt do much cooking this time.
Since I'm into baking, it was my first attempt of making sausage bun.
Alhamdulillah it turns out good. I can't say it is perfect yet, I need to polish my mixturing skills.
Then, I was trying to make soy milk and taufufa.
Taufufa was the 4th attempt so far, and this time I could say the texture about to resemble those in pasar malam. Again another thing to be improved soon.
I was scared that the food wasnt enough for them, so we decided to add pizza.
And I made banana bread. Dont be surprise, I'm just adding the ingedients according to the manual and campak them in the breadmaker.
Easy lizzy lemon squizzy!!
But, on that evening, mostly adik2 ni very kind.
They brought puding, cookies, tapioca bubble tea, jelly, and even karipap ok..
Thanks to all, I really appreciate it! Terharu! Dont you guys love the Purdue Community?
Oh, the best part was they brought present.
Walaupon dah tua, I still get present.
Sangat terharu

Most the present is something that I wish for.
You guys can read my mind.

Monday, 19 July 2010


Weekend was awesome.
Full of activity.
Love it.

We were at Indiana Dunes enjoying the warm weather.
Zara loves it.
How I wish my house just like minutes away from the beach.
I could just bring Zara every morning for a walk.

So, Sunday came in a glimpse.
I just about to enjoy the day and it ended very soon.
Hubby and I went cycling around campus and the trail.
It is more to dating I can say..... inexpensive and healthy outing.
Glad that Farahee was willing to babysit Zara.
We could have the 2 hours by ourselves....

I wish I can do this weekly..

Thursday, 15 July 2010

2 days of disaster diet.

We had water ground work done in front of our house.
Because of that, there was no water for about 2 hours.
So, we decided to dine out instead of home meal.
And again, we tried to find a place that worth every penny. Duit dah takde time time summer ni.
Guess where did we dine??
Khana Kazana Buffet.
Since it is all you-can-eat, we tried to fill up empty rooms in our tummy.
I played basketball to compensate the pleasure of buffet dining..

We had big lunch.
Level of cholesterol is at optimum.
We had ketam masak lemak cili api (left over ketam from Chicago trip last month).
The santan and ketam just the best combination of producing fatty me..
So, again,,I cant just sit and relax at home.
We decided to hit the gym and join the group exercise.
It was good to sweat.
I feel you?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

29 days to go

I weight myself today and suprisingly it reduces for another 0.5kg..yeah yeah!!!

My target: to fit in my wedding gown before Raya.
Reason: I dont have baju raya. So probably I'm going to wear it again..finger cross..

Workout for today:
Oklah, I did some walking from home to PEFCU this morning.
And in the evening, played basketball with the guys.
Ni tak kira sgt coz main kejap2..lepas tu dah sub ngan org lain..

As usual, lunch with nasi and masak kurma semalam.
And I made white bread today. We had bread and mushroom soup for dinner.

Tomorrow's plan:
Walk in the morning, probably jog in the evening.
I wish I can cycle with hubby.
Oh well, we have not get the child carrier yet. Say no no to cycling...until we find a cheaper carrier..

Monday, 12 July 2010

30 days to go

Today, I ran aka jog for about 15 minutes.
And I did pretty good job coz I didnt walk at all until the finishing line.

I'm trying to loose weight by not cutting up my food.
This is dangerous diet for nursing mom.
I need food to produce Zara's food.
My food consumption is still the same as before.
But I'm trying my best to take less sugar.
In other words sodas. This is my biggest enemy so far. Irresistable.
But, I'm pretty sure when there is a will, there is a way...
Good luck to me!

On the other note, I made my own homemade banana bread. Clap2

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hey all..
I've been away for quite sometime.
And the blog is getting rusty ya'll..

Summer is full of activity.
I like it though!!

I'm trying to blog about my losing weight process from now onwards.

As I told you before, I gained quite a lot during my pregnancy period.
I was 73 kg 2 weeks before Zara was born. And only God knows how much I gained.Sigh.
Then I manage to loose around 15kg after that...and I'm trying to loose the rest eversince.

Summer just a good start to shed some weight. Good weather and plenty of time.
So, the past weeks, I've been playing basketball and volleyball.
But, the games have come to the point that everyone very malas nak turun.
I decided to start morning walk at least 4 times a week...morning means around 830am, just the right time for Zara. Not too early not too late.
I know by this time, the sun has just risen above my shoulder..

So today, I successfully power walk from my home to Payless, which took me about 75minutes walk...awesome and I'm proud of my achievement..

And I measure my weight ... and Ive lost around 1.5 kg since summer start... isnt it awesome?????