Monday, 12 July 2010

30 days to go

Today, I ran aka jog for about 15 minutes.
And I did pretty good job coz I didnt walk at all until the finishing line.

I'm trying to loose weight by not cutting up my food.
This is dangerous diet for nursing mom.
I need food to produce Zara's food.
My food consumption is still the same as before.
But I'm trying my best to take less sugar.
In other words sodas. This is my biggest enemy so far. Irresistable.
But, I'm pretty sure when there is a will, there is a way...
Good luck to me!

On the other note, I made my own homemade banana bread. Clap2


  1. good luck kak shida :)

    amal pun tgh diet jugak neh! hehehe :P

  2. amal, ape nak diet balik malaysia...
    makan puas2..nanti balik sini dak takleh nak makan ....puase..ahakss...