Friday, 30 July 2010


Before I lost track of how much has Zara improved these couple of weeks, I should write it here so that I can remember it later...

Her vocab has increased.
She says milk everytime she wants to drink the bottle milk.
She says bum bum and sleep when she wants us to sleep.
She says shoes everytime I say jom. Oh, she will grab her shoes and ask me/hubby to put them on her.
If she likes to eat something, for example wild berry near our parking lot, she will say nyum nyum..sgt comel ini budak kecik..
Most of the time when she wakes up from her nap or sleep, she will show her boo boo to us, boo boo means bruises...yeah she has alot..sbb asyik pakai skirt and jatuh.
Alhamdulillah, she jarang nangis if bangun..she's very talkative bile bangun tido.. kadang2 tu trus amik 'book' and show it to us...she knows how to say book.
She can say 'air' if she wants water.
Other words so far eat, sit, nose, hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, ear, cheek.
Oh today, she was asking us to wash her hands by saying sha...I dont know how she get the sha words from...
She loves to piggyback..and she will say baiekk..comel nyer anak dara Zara ni...

Nowadays, die suke kiss and salam. If dengar lagu barney i love you, sure duk kiss and hug mummy die..

Ok, itu je laporan hari ni..i think there are more, but I cant remember them.

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