Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hey all..
I've been away for quite sometime.
And the blog is getting rusty ya'll..

Summer is full of activity.
I like it though!!

I'm trying to blog about my losing weight process from now onwards.

As I told you before, I gained quite a lot during my pregnancy period.
I was 73 kg 2 weeks before Zara was born. And only God knows how much I gained.Sigh.
Then I manage to loose around 15kg after that...and I'm trying to loose the rest eversince.

Summer just a good start to shed some weight. Good weather and plenty of time.
So, the past weeks, I've been playing basketball and volleyball.
But, the games have come to the point that everyone very malas nak turun.
I decided to start morning walk at least 4 times a week...morning means around 830am, just the right time for Zara. Not too early not too late.
I know by this time, the sun has just risen above my shoulder..

So today, I successfully power walk from my home to Payless, which took me about 75minutes walk...awesome and I'm proud of my achievement..

And I measure my weight ... and Ive lost around 1.5 kg since summer start... isnt it awesome?????

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