Thursday, 27 May 2010


The weather here is like what we have in Malaysia.
Pretty hot! I dont think it is comfortable for Zara to wear long pants and jeans anymore.
So I decided to get her a few pairs of short.
While I was in Chicago getting my periuk and stove for Midwest Games, we did some shopping at Gurney Mills.
We are really on tight budget and I decided to get her very cheap shorts since it can only be wore for the next 3 months
It will be a waste if we spend a lot for shorts.
So, we found one nice short at Carters' and it was 70% off. The tag price was USD16.
We calculated the final price and it should be less than USD5.
But, when I was at the counter to pay for the short, the cashier was telling me that the final price was USD6+. I was shocked. I asked her isnt it 70% off? She said yes.
It puzzled me.
When I was outside the shop, I asked hubby that the short wasnt the price that we thought it should be. We calculated again and nah, it is still the same.
Then we found out that the cashier rip off the tag . It is very suspicous indeed.
I really frustrated to know that I got cheated by a very well establisd store.
Even thought it just USD1 difference, we came back to the store and asked for our money.
The discount board it just a scam by the marketing dept.

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