Saturday, 24 April 2010

Life: Weight

Well, I set a goal that I believe it should be easily achived by the end of April.
It was set a month ago in my home calendar.
I positively belived that I could do it coz I had done it before.
And now 6 more days to go and I come to realize that I was far away from that goal.
Instead of losing 2kg, I AM now GAIN 2kg.

I know the root cause.
I've been taking naps after lunch almost everyday.
I've been telling myself not to fall asleep, but Zara wont take her nap until I do.
Sometimes, I sleep before her. Haahahahaha

The only way to balance the 'guilty' nap is by doing exercise more
I try to go to corec often at nite. (After Zara asleep)
If not, I will just jog around the neighbourhood alone. (When hubby is willing to take care of Zara)

Today, I wont be alone anymore.
Zara will be my jogging buddy onwards.
Coz I just bought a jogger stroller :) at garrage sale today!
Love it! I can jog anytime I want without worrying who is going to take care of Zara.

Now, we have 3 strollers at home.
And they are not fully utilized (mind you, i'm an industrial engineer. i need everything to be optimized).
Should I get rid the old one?

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