Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saya dah awak

When addressing my hubby in front of others, I would call him hubby or bi (in short terms) and and he calls me wifey.
And the rest of the conversation will be as 'saya' and 'awak'.
We have been using the terms since we are together back then.
I know it sounds so high school..but it sticks in the blood. I could not change it, so do him.
We are so accustom to it.
However, recently, Zara has picked up the terms easily.
She starts to adress us AWAK!
The other day, while I was driving..she shouted from the back of her seat.. AWAK!!and kept babling..
Another incident, she just woke up and heard her dad in the living room, she yelled..AWAK..and dadddyyy...
Oh my, what should we do?
Should we start calling each other mommy and daddy so that Zara knows the right words to address us!!!
I dont know, but hubby heard in one of the ceramah, telling us not to call each other by mommy and puzzles me a bit.. is it true? what is the reason behind it?
Can someone tell me the reasons please?


  1. hillarioussss

  2. you just keep cracking me up Shida. Sbb tuh eventually parents panggil each other mom and dad juga, now I know why. hahahahaha.
    Yeah they said to avoid calling mom and dad between married couples if nak the "romance" alive. sort of like that. hahahaha.