Monday, 29 March 2010

Life : Randoms

1. I feel disconcerted reading the news today about the "Christian militia". Why not calling them Christian Terrorist instead? Why we Muslim always label as terrorist? I still could not understand why American has to invade other countries looking for their enemies, whereas, it is obvious that the enemies are hiding under their own skin....they do not admit it. Country full of conspiracy. They creates their own enemy!

2. I feel contented and proud when I know a few Malay parents can afford sending their children to US universities without getting funding from Malaysian government. I'm impressed on their willingness to spend money on education rather than building huge house, whereas in the end none of their kids will live with them. To those parents, I salute you. I know the Chinese has been in this position long time ago, investing their money in child education. I hope one day I can afford Zara's education.

3. It's getting warmer in West Lafayette, around 70ish Farenheit this week. I should make plans for Zara. Probably take her to the park and some gardening.

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