Sunday, 18 April 2010

Life: My new handbag

I bought a tote yesterday from TJMAXX.

Me: Cantik tak? Lawa kan if bawak gi office (berangan di kala naik lrt bersama handbag baru)
Hubby: Banyak nya bag nak pakai?
Me: Mane ade banyak! dulu mase undergrad lagi banyak. ni ade 3 je.
Hubby: Habis tu nak pakai 3 skali ke? Satu sling bag, satu baby bag, satu tote...
Me: Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak kan asyik nak pakai bag same? (nada sedih sbb mcm kene return kan balik je, but i love the design)

Yes, I only have 3 bags in total now and I always carry my sling bag and baby bag along (it is a must). I used to have more than 10 handbags while I was in undergrad.
I have became more practical person since I have Zara. No more small hobo or clutch. Coz it's definitely no no for mommy!
I can say all the bags I'm having now is functional because they suit the purpose.
Neither for glitters nor glamorous .

My baby bag is light. That's good coz I can fill it up with Zara's stuff, camera (mind you, the heavy dslr), video camera, food and sometimes Zara's toys! You can imagine how heavy it is!
Since the baby bag is usually full and messy, I could not find my phone whenever I dump it in the bag.
So, I decided to get myself a sling bag where I can place my phone and purse in it. It's practical right? Sling bag is the best coz it is small and I will not easily leave them behind ( i always forget most of the thing when i'm out alone with Zara).

Now, I'm not sure whether I should keep the new handbag or let it go.

If anyone interested of having this bag, I will let it go for RM150.

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  1. Women can never have too many handbags or shoes. As men like cars, women love handbags and shoes. :) that's my take.
    And Shida, nice bag!