Thursday, 15 July 2010

2 days of disaster diet.

We had water ground work done in front of our house.
Because of that, there was no water for about 2 hours.
So, we decided to dine out instead of home meal.
And again, we tried to find a place that worth every penny. Duit dah takde time time summer ni.
Guess where did we dine??
Khana Kazana Buffet.
Since it is all you-can-eat, we tried to fill up empty rooms in our tummy.
I played basketball to compensate the pleasure of buffet dining..

We had big lunch.
Level of cholesterol is at optimum.
We had ketam masak lemak cili api (left over ketam from Chicago trip last month).
The santan and ketam just the best combination of producing fatty me..
So, again,,I cant just sit and relax at home.
We decided to hit the gym and join the group exercise.
It was good to sweat.
I feel you?

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