Friday, 30 July 2010


Sorry for being away for these couple of days.
I wasn't in the mood of writing.
I owe you guys the birthday celebration of puan shida story here.

We had a small tea party back on my yard. (can't afford to make a grand celebration, budget constraint).
Basically, I didnt do much cooking this time.
Since I'm into baking, it was my first attempt of making sausage bun.
Alhamdulillah it turns out good. I can't say it is perfect yet, I need to polish my mixturing skills.
Then, I was trying to make soy milk and taufufa.
Taufufa was the 4th attempt so far, and this time I could say the texture about to resemble those in pasar malam. Again another thing to be improved soon.
I was scared that the food wasnt enough for them, so we decided to add pizza.
And I made banana bread. Dont be surprise, I'm just adding the ingedients according to the manual and campak them in the breadmaker.
Easy lizzy lemon squizzy!!
But, on that evening, mostly adik2 ni very kind.
They brought puding, cookies, tapioca bubble tea, jelly, and even karipap ok..
Thanks to all, I really appreciate it! Terharu! Dont you guys love the Purdue Community?
Oh, the best part was they brought present.
Walaupon dah tua, I still get present.
Sangat terharu

Most the present is something that I wish for.
You guys can read my mind.

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