Tuesday, 13 July 2010

29 days to go

I weight myself today and suprisingly it reduces for another 0.5kg..yeah yeah!!!

My target: to fit in my wedding gown before Raya.
Reason: I dont have baju raya. So probably I'm going to wear it again..finger cross..

Workout for today:
Oklah, I did some walking from home to PEFCU this morning.
And in the evening, played basketball with the guys.
Ni tak kira sgt coz main kejap2..lepas tu dah sub ngan org lain..

As usual, lunch with nasi and masak kurma semalam.
And I made white bread today. We had bread and mushroom soup for dinner.

Tomorrow's plan:
Walk in the morning, probably jog in the evening.
I wish I can cycle with hubby.
Oh well, we have not get the child carrier yet. Say no no to cycling...until we find a cheaper carrier..


  1. zara ade baju raya tak kak shida?

    kalau x de, amal bole suh mak amal buatkan :)

  2. amal, mak die tak nak tanyer ke???ahahhaha
    oo..mak kak shida dah belikan 2 pasang for her..and we brought one before..yg die dah boleh muat..

  3. hahaha. mak die bole jugak. tp x tau ukuran la kak shida. hehe