Monday, 2 August 2010

28 months ago

When I knew I was pregnant, I really freak out!
Gosh, what had I done to myself? What did I get into?
I was crying like a mad woman..I know what are you thinking..
You think I'm crazy woman who never bersyukur for the great gift from Allah.
I could not accept that I was pregnant at that age.
I wasn't ready. I just got married like 2 months.
I wasn't prepare to be a mother. I wanted more honeymoon time with hubby.
I wasn't sure I could take the responsible to feed and care for her. I was just about to learn how to be a wife and tada, the next phase of life just 9 months ahead of me..

28 months later..
Here I am.
Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful to have a lovely daughter and very supportive husband.
I know the journey just started, but I'm pretty satisfy with the effort and the hard work we've poured into making the journey smooth and easy.
This is the best gift.
It challenges me to be at the next level of life.
It teaches me how to control emotion.
I love being a mother.
I enjoy every minutes that I have with her.

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  1. oh my god! we were in the same boat dear! but alhamdulillah...everything is good now right? having such a lovely cutie pie by myside really made my day! esp when i got stress! hehe ;p