Saturday, 23 January 2010

Life: Updates

It's has been ages since my last entry about life.
Hubby has started his 2nd semester, which means no more mommy-zara-hubby 24 hours time.
Business has resumed as usual, quite a slow start i would say.
But, i'm optimist that by the end of the semester, zara piggy's bank should be half full.

Speaking of her piggy's bank, i have made a promise. For every food pack that i can sell, i will donate USD1 to her piggy's bank. This is actually mommy and daddy promise, nak bawak zara pegi Disney in Florida for winter break. I know lame lagi...but definitely consume alot of money...and since we have never been far away fron west lafayette, paling jauh pon chicago..this is something that we look forward to.
Flight tickets, Car rental, theme park ticket, food, hotels...not for one person. We are talking about 3 people kene la berjimat cermat...demi trip to disney!

Oh, Zara has turned 1 in December.
We had a big party for her birthday. Full house. Ramai gile org datang..she is a celebrity kat purdue ni...she received a lots of presents.. and now, die tak tahu nak choose which toys to play with...lucky zara kan! kakak2 and abg2 purdue sgt awesome!! even yesterday, she received another belated birthday present all the way from Disney! my girl telah di spoil kan oleh mereka! But, anyway, thank you for coming and for the gifts too...

Zara now dah boleh say 'nak' for something that she wants. And she can geleng for something that she doesnt want. So, it makes much easier for us to understand what she wants/dislikes.
She loves to dance too. Kalo bukak baby einstein tu, sure menari pusing2 nyer. She loves to see cat, dog and tiger. She will immitate the sound 'miaaaaaaaaaaau' and 'wolf-wolf' and 'auuummmm'.. cute tau... we plan to bring her to Indiana Zoo when it's get warmer here. Most probably in May la kan...terkurung je la zara for the next 2 months ni.

This is my updates for now.

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