Saturday, 30 January 2010

Life: Boring Saturday

(the photo was taken when zara was a few days old)

I do not know how many more Saturdays to come.
But, I do know that today is the boring one.
I can't go out. It's too cold.

I called home this morning.
All my girls except my eldest sis were there. Heard all the laugh (miss them).
Having 5 sisters just cant get enough silence in the house! We just love to talk and talk till wee hours.
The big news of Nora's pregnancy was the main topic of conversation (mind you, she just got married in December).
We were laughing about how the little one eager to engange in her tummy while her mom's henna still brightly red.ahahhaa
Miss you guys a lot!!!

Well, Zara is in her lalaland.
Hubby off to campus.
I'm still thinking of today'e menu...
Hmm, a simple one..
Nasi Goreng? Speghetti?
I opt for the first one. Easy.

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