Saturday, 7 November 2009

Project: Muffin 101

Morning sunshine,

Some of you may see the extreme change in this blog.
From short entry in the early days to 'real' blogging.
Blame the exam (i takleh blame hubby, coz he is always right kan kan :) )
When i'm alone and zara is asleep, whoelse should i talk to other than this white screen kan?
I think i'm going crazy la..cakap ngan screen pulak!

Baking 101.
Last nite was our (me and farahee) first attempt baking.
We plan to make cupcakes..but in the end it turn out to be vanilla rice muffin.
Not bad la kan..for first consider achievement actually!
Previously, we planned to bake semperit..end up jadi biskut ape tah...
Next baking time, we wont tell the name of the cake sbb takut jadi bende lain in the end.

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