Thursday, 5 November 2009

Project: Crochet (Baby hat)

Currently, I'm working on my baby hat crochet.
I learn to crochet since I was primary school.
Yeah, my mom always has the needle with her at home (basically when she has nothing to do, she just crochet..from the table top to sofa crochet).
Even my wedding 'bunga telur', she crocheted the can even see her fingers look a little bit bended due to excessive and overusing her fingers.

So, this pattern that i'm doing, i learn it thru youtube (if years back ade youtube, definitely i crochet banyak2 winter hat. takyah nak beli mahal2).
I dont need to buy the book (very the mahal, higher than my nasi lemak) to learn the pattern. Awesomekan, when you can easily type the pattern and in a blink dah ade depan mate.....

After my baby hat complete, I wanna check the sewing machine in the basement. Maybe I can sew bags and sell it here..

I need to keep on telling myself that I AM ENTREPRENEUR!


  1. nk menjahit pulak ker? mmg business- minded lar kak shida neh.haha :D

  2. amal, semestinyer business...kate Amerika ni land of opportunity..kene la rajin kan...

  3. wahh kak shida!! ajar la camne nak kait tu..macam best. buat bisnes kelas mengait. satu jam 5dollar. bisnes gak tuh..hehe