Monday, 2 November 2009

Food: Tuesday (Nasi Ayam)

I dont have any idea what to cook.

Not to waste my time as well as yours, lets just make nasi ayam for tomorrow (3rd Nov). Thinking what to cook is harder than cooking itself.

If you guys have any ideas or any recipe that you love me to try on, let me know.

Oooo i may try to cook pajeri nenas (bought it from Walmart) this coming Thursday. Stay tune for next entry yalllss..

Some random thoughts.

Hubby is having 3 exams till the end of next week. I'm getting bored being a lazy bum, should i say a lazy mom! I should push my *** out of the house. Do volunteer work or go to any social gathering.

Oh, please, it me or is it u that make my life so dull!!?

Oh, wait, I shouldnt complain. I should occupy myself with Zara.


  1. niceyyyyyy :) dh pandai tulis blog nmpk.hehe ;p
    kak shida, buat la blog.nti bole blogging+cooking+jaga :D

  2. bukan tak nak..cume tak pandai tulis cam amal...

  3. ok ape entry kali ni..tulis la byk2 lagi.nti bole tmbh koleksi bloy yg amal kne bace..hahaha :DD