Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What is the price to be a MOM?

Simple, it's priceless.
I'm not going to talk about myself as a mom in this entry.
I'm gonna share with you my thoughts and experience as a daughter.

This gonna be a LONG (note: hubby is at the library and zara is off to her lalaland)entry and for those who think it is not worth to read, click on the x button on top of the window.

This entry is dedicated to my MOM.
November is her month, so i've decided to write something about her.

Life was pretty hard back then. Memang susah.
We used to live in a kampung where electricity and water had not reach us.
That time, mom was a housewife. She couldnt find a single job. Small town.
So, everything we ate was farmed and planted by mom. (Very organic)
If you guys watch upin and ipin, that's exactly how my life looked like back then. But worst.

Then, when she carried my youngest sister, we move to my mom hometown.
Life was better.
Mom could find a job since we were going to have additional member.
Dad's earning would not be enough to support us.
So my mom took a job as operator. Double shift.
Yup, it was tough for her to live us all alone at home.
Dad was working 1 hour away. He came back late at night.
So, my atuk and nenek took care of us (Mind u, they also took care another 2 of my cousins and they have warung kopi to take care of too)
Basically our lunch and dinner were prepared by mom before she off to work.

Once the youngest one born, dad adviced mom to stay home.
But, his salary would not be enough for our living.

Mom decided to start selling nasi lemak and kuih-muih to help out.

At first she just sent to kedai2 kopi. But after awhile, she bought herself a bicycle and modified it to suit her small business. She put a big aluminium container at the back.

I know, this was the toughest moment in her life.


Just imagine, despite doing other mom's job, she had to wake up early in the morning (4am) to cook. You know what time she went to bed? 10pm
At that time too she had a small baby. So, basically she didnt have exactly 6 hours of sleep.
I cant imagine myself in her shoes. Even now, I always complain that I do not have enough sleep.

Normally, she prepare at least 5 kinds of kuih-muih, more than 80 packs of nasi lemak and around 50 packs of mee.
Worst thing was she had to sell it by herself. What i mean here is she had to carry this heavy load on the bicycle.

The route was challenging. (I did try to follow her during school holiday, i tell you, it was damn tiring. Note: There was nothing on my bicycle).
There was one taman, where mom had to push the bicycle up the hill because the road was very steep.
On top of that, she did not use any bell or sound to annouce her arrival.
She used her own voice to sell those kuih.
Ok, dah la penat kayuh basikal. Pastu kene jerit plak....satu taman boleh dengar she's there..oh tgh terik panas matahari lagi...and imagine during puasa, she still did that)

I salute her energy and determination to raise us.
She went through this hard life without complain and regret.
I know she wants the best for us.
Even she was ill, she still did the business to ensure that we have enough food at home and school allowance. She always put ourselve first before her.
She never fail to ensure that we have new clothes for raya even she had none.

Till now, I do not how to repay her. She sacrifice alot of her life.
Her time, her looks.. yeah she was pretty when she was young. But the sun eats her skin.
Even all the hard work, she is the happiest mom of all..no matter what challenges in front of her, she keeps smiling (awek muda).

Our life mcm drama dulu2...

Yesterday, I called her.
I told her that I'm just like her.
Run a small business to support our life here.
And you know what she said back, " do you want mak to send u some money".
I almost cried when she offers to help.
See, walau susah mane pon, she still wants to help!!!!

Mom, i know u wont read this blog.
But, at the bottom of my heart u are my star, my idol and my love!
What i have now is because of you, your words is powerful that change my life.
It's still fresh in my memory.
You never ask me to study hard, not even angry when i get a D.
But those words just fire, which spark my motivation to be a better person, to get good grades and finish school.

I love u and miss u mak!


  1. sedeyh nye...omg, nk nanges dah.huhu :(

  2. Alaa sedih jugakk... Tp x nangis cm amal.. Huhu... U r doing great here kak shida... We love your food... =}

    to kak shida's mom... We love u toooo :)

  3. It's amazing that when you tell a real life story that really affected you in the most deepest way, everybody could relate themselves in any ways, and being moved by it. Thank you.

  4. thanks for all the comments.
    when you face ups and downs, it colors your life.
    it makes u smile one day when u look back at that moment.

  5. nice entry Shida, i admire ur hardwork as a mother and a wife, i also love ur food :)

  6. shid.. touched by ur words.. actually, ive been thru that too.. tp aku yg naik beskal pagi2 kol 6, gi antar kuih apam ibu aku buat.. life was not that hard at that time, tp aku merasa moments liat bgn pagi, kayuh beskal full with kuih2.. seblom matahari naik, aku dh blk umah, mandi n ready for school.. sbb tu aku value duit.. alaaa.. kita kan pnah pokai sama2 kat intec dulu.. tp pengalaman yg sgt best la jual2 kuih ni.. aku gi antar kuih pg2, adik aku azim gi amek duit belah ptg :) tp adik2 lain tak merasa.. dh senang, hp pun sorang satu.. tak aci.. tp anak2 aku, aku akan make sure rasa idup susah!!! hahahaa!!