Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Food: Thursday (Pajri Nenas and Ayam Kicap Madu)

My loyal customers (u know who u are :) ),

Tomorrow, madam chef would love to try pajri nenas (i have the recipe from betty saw) and ayam kicap madu ( i love this recipe, got it from my aunt).

Normally ayam kicap madu taste better with baby drumstick and wing..but, i only have 'mother' drumstick in my stock! Hopefully it turns out well...

Please leave ur order in my fb or vis sms.

On the other note, yesterday was awesome. I repeat, AWESOME! u may wonder why.
It simply because I have my OWN debit card. U know what I mean. All these while I was a cash slave. Dont get me wrong. Bringing cash is not that bad at all, u know what left in ur purse instantly (wait .. not in a sec la, i still have to bring it out and calculate it one by one and sum it up). But paying cash over USD400 purchase at the store will make the cashier suspicious of me, thinking that it might be from black money. And thanksgiving is coming. which means shopping spree...sadly not for me la..orders from back home! Now, i can simply swipe my card without asking hubby to sign the receipt :)

Second best thing, we can extend our lease contract for the next 6 months..awesome (how many awesome la i gune ni)...cheaper rent, big house, and big yard..boleh main tanam2... takyah nak main farmville (dont be surprise, i never play this game and i dont even know what is all about)..

Before i end, again, my lovely customers, order before 10am.

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