Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Life: Winter Wonderland

Hubby is off to library, leaving me and zara in this tiny little house.
Tomorrow will be his last paper and will be done with this semester.
Another 1.5 years to go.

Winter break just around the corner.
During those days,we couldnt wait till finals were over.
There were always plans that waiting ahead.
We would rush home to pack our stuff and ready to be on board to warmer places.

But this year, will be different.
Travelling is not our priority at the moment.
Plus, we have been to most of the places in the states.

We are going to spend our lovely winter break in this tiny little house and spend time as much as possible with little Zara who's going to turn 1 soon!!

People, remember. It's 26th!!!


  1. Shieda, kak amani will be also in the house, we need to meet and hang out :)