Sunday, 28 February 2010

Life: Weight

I'm battling with my inconsistent weight since I was high school.I'm not saying that I was overweight or obese (konon), but I did exceed my ideal weight when I was 18!

KYS (my high school) was a perfect place to accumulate and grow the white flabby fat. The school fed me with Nasi Ayam for lunch, Nasi Lemak for breakfast and Ramli Burger for supper back then. The best food that every student wishes for! We just could not get enought of it! 6 meals a day just inevitably welcoming this so called, Mr Fat (My BFF). But back then, Mr Fat was silently hiding under my skin. Even though he was eager to introduce himself to the world, I could still control his appearance since I was really active in school activities.

Having a part time job at fast food restaurant was the biggest mistake after high school. I worked at KFC and I was showered with mash potatoes, original recipe chicken, burgers, fries and so forth everyday. My daily meals were fried in a big oily pan. I know Mr Fat was happy coz he could adopt more fatty kids, fatty grandkids and fatty grand-grandkids accompany him along under my skin. Guess what, my weight was 65kg! I could not simply get into my jeans. And it was frustrating!

When I was in college, I was far away from "good" food. I mean Malaysian food. Yup, I could easily control my food consumption. My weight was around 53kg. If you can see, I lost a lot of weight. I felt good though. Feel light and young.But, Mr.Fat was not happy.

In 2008, I'm married and pregnant. I ate not for two but three. Even though I vomitted in the morning, I will simply eat my brunch double of my breakfast. So , you can imagine how much weight I gained. The doctor was telling me that I need to control my food. The ideal gain is suppose to be between 10 kg to 15 kg for pregnant lady, but I was 18kg.

Nah, now I'm carrying the extra 2 kg in me now. I should be grateful coz I managed to reduce it to 55kg and manage to fit in into my old jeans. But, I wish I can have loose the other extra and feel young again!

photo1 : I was 7 months pregnant!
photo2: college days. I was light and young!


  1. eh cantik la pulak i tengok tshirt purdue ni..hehe

  2. cantik sbb i pakai??wahahahhaha

  3. haha ye la i admit the second gmbr tu u nampak cantik.. but dekat gmbr yang first tu...omg!!! kak shida, u memang nampk macam makcik!!! p/s: jangan marah :P