Friday, 26 February 2010

Life: I'm dying for hair cut

I know I know.
The last time when I had my hair cut was a month after Zara was born.
And yeah, what year was that? 2008.
And what year is now? 2010

I am deeply, desperately and s**tly need a hair cut.
Call me cheapskate. I wont mad at all. But, the truth is yes I AM.
Going to hair salon would definitely cost me USD20 at min.
That means I have to sell 10 pax of my nasi.
Which translated to the whole week of profit :(.

Sad, sad and sad.
Is there anyone out there who would like to enhance her hair cutting skill and in need of guinea pig?
I'm more than willing to volunteer here.


  1. Assalaam alaykum.

    You might want to try the Lafayette Beauty Academy ( They offer services for cheap (haircut+shampoo is $5), and it's done by the students there (who are supervised). I've never been there but I haven't heard anything bad about it either. It's in downtown Lafayette.

    - Pam

  2. Ouh man Pam, ur lovely :)
    yeah in Minnesota, I went to Aveda beauty School to have a hair cut, cost me like USD 5.00 also, that's one box of your nasi Shida :).

  3. kak shida nk potong rambut gak!=)
    let me know kalau2 nk g eh..


  4. farah..kite gi time spring break nak? sbb tonjang boleh jage zara :P

  5. i want to cut my hair too kak shida!!! ajak i sekali. but i like going to eclectic cause they did head massage and last time they did a fabulous hair cut for me! but it's 20bucks. i know mahal jugak..but it's worth it..+)

  6. shida, meh balik msia.. i tlg potongkan.. hehehe..